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Full-Time Faculty


Chen Chi-Min (Professor)

  • President of Aletheia University 
  • PhD, National Cheng Kung University
  • E-mail: au4117@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management


Lin Kuan-Ju(Associate Professor)

  • Department Chair 
  • PhD, Meijo University (Japan)
  • E-mail: au4415@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: Money and Banking, Japanese for Tourism and Business


Ko Chao-Pin(Associate Professor) 

  • PhD, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • E-mail: au4416@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: Business Mathematics, Statistics


Chang Yu-Wei(Associate Professor)

  • PhD, National Cheng Kung University
  • E-mail: uwchang@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: International Finance, Foreign Exchange


Ho Hua-Lun (Assistant Professor)

  • PhD, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • E-mail: au4414@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: International Business Management, Bussiness English


Sung Tzu-Wen(Assistant Professor)

  •  Director of Admissions
  • PhD, Claremont Graduate University (USA)
  • E-mail: sung@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: Special Topics on Cross-Straits Economy and Trade


Ma Yu-Yi(Assistant Professor)

  • PhD, Yuan Ze University
  • E-mail: au4466@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: Consumer Behavior, Special Topics on Cross-Border E-Commerce


Chou Yen-Yu(Lecturer)

  •  MA, Tamkang University
  • E-mail: au1171@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: International Trade Theory and Policy, Statistics



Adjunct Faculty


Nishimura Norihiro( Professor)

  •  PhD, University of Tsukuba (Japan)
  • E-mail: n-nishim@doc.medic.mie-u.ac.jp
  • Research Interest: Regional Innovation Studies


Lo Chi-Pang(Associate Professor)

  • PhD, Tamkang University
  • E-mail: au2501@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: Accounting, International Financial Theory and System


Michael Kon(Associate Professor)

  • PhD, National Chengchi University
  • E-mail: au2466@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: International Marketing, International Trade Practice


Cliff Shen(Associate Professor)

  •  PhD, University of South Dakota (USA)
  • E-mail: au4054@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Courses Taught: International Trade Practice, International Business Management


Tseng Jui-Yu(Associate Professor)

  • MA, Tamkang University
  • Courses Taught: Theory and Practice of Customs Tax


Yeh Yi-Cheng(Assistant Professor)

  • PhD, Edinburgh Napier University (UK)
  • Courses Taught: Case Study of International Business
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